Primary celebrate Diwali and fundraise in their finery for Children in Need

A busy day for Primary saw our Reception students learning about Diwali, while Years 4 & 5 dressed up as superheroes and in formal wear to fundraise for Children in Need.

The children chose the themes themselves and were extremely excited to show off their outfits, especially Year 5, who looked dashing and delightful while dancing the afternoon away!

 As if that wasn't enough (!)  they held a hot chocolate sale after school to raise even more money for this worthy cause. 

Year 5 teacher Mr Jenner was very pleased with how the day turned out:

'It was an opportunity to make some money for Children in Need and it was something fun that they wanted to do, so rather than coming in their own clothes and dressing down, it was an opportunity to see how smart they could be.

They absolutely loved it and we had a dance party in the afternoon so got to have some fun in their outfits too!

Many of the superhero costumes were great and there were lots of beautiful dresses as well. It’s the opportunity to give something to children that don’t have quite as much as you do.  We wanted to promote that charitable message and our Civitas message, to help others and make sure they get some of the chances that the students here have.’

Year 6 student Niamh 6 said:

‘I came dressed in non- school uniform and I’m wearing a Pudsey bear top for Children in Need. She added: 'It’s for children that need some clothes and shoes and food. The money goes to the children that need it in other countries.’

Newton class TA Miss Stewart told us about her class' activities:

'For Diwali they did some colouring in of Divas lamps, they had party food and did some dancing and we showed them fireworks, which fitted in well with the term’s curriculum.

It is important for them to know how other people celebrate events in their religion and their homes and some of the children celebrate Diwali themselves so they could explain to their friends about the festival.'

  The hot chocolate proved to be a welcome winter warmer on this cold November afternoon!