Ark & JRF trip to Grenada a huge success - Mr Edmondson reports on the island's passion for PE

Miss Cullen and Mr Edmondson arrived in Grenada safe and sound, and immediately sailed to Petite Martinique, the smallest island in the archipelago.

Petite Martinique is a tiny island with only 1000 inhabitants. There is a primary school with under 70 children on the island, and children who are secondary school age travel by boat to a nearby island every day!

When we arrived on Petite Martinique the children sang a lovely welcome song, and then took part in a golf session with Miss Cullen and Cae from The Golf Trust. It was the first time anyone from Petite Martinique had played golf, and the children’s’ first PE lesson since September.

The Jason Roberts Foundation also delivered a football coaching session, whilst Mr Edmondson had an opportunity to sit down with the teachers from the school and a representative from the Ministry of Sport to share ideas on how PE could be re-introduced on Petite Martinique to ensure the children are staying fit and healthy.

On the second day of the trip we travelled to Carriacou, a larger island of 8000 residents. Mr Edmondson and Miss Cullen met with Lynette Isaac from the Ministry for Education. Lynette is in charge of coordinating Special Education for Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

It was a brilliant opportunity to for Miss Cullen to share her expertise on identifying children who need additional help, and how to implement these changes. Mr Edmondson was also able to discuss the huge benefits children at Ark Academy have had from ensuring everyone gets an opportunity to be physically active.

Above: Petite Martinique (in red) waiting as one of their players takes a penalty.

Finally, we were guests at the Carriacou and Petite Martinique primary school football finals. This was a hotly contested tournament for boys and girls teams, and the quality was very impressive. Whilst we watched, one of the semi-finals went to penalties, with our friends from Petite Martinique primary school wining in sudden death! The whole team was ecstatic.

On Saturday, we had an opportunity to meet the Grenada Homeless World Cup team. The Jason Roberts Foundation have been working closely with school leavers in Grenada to promote vocational skills such as CV writing. These young men are also very talented footballers, and represented Grenada at the Homeless World Cup in Amsterdam last month.