Our Civitas students rally round their peers for Anti Bullying Week

Our students made us proud this week with Civitas activities geared towards stamping out bullying and promoting the message that it is always wrong and NEVER just 'part of growing up'.

Miss Clark explained:

'In English at the moment students are working on different types of writing and currently they are doing 'Writing to Advise'.  As part of this we had an ‘Agony Aunt challenge’ in this week's lesson where students worked in teams as agony aunts and responded to student’s problems. They wrote some lovely things to help their fellow students and we thought it was important to share these letters.'

The Sixth Formers got involved as well, with a lunchtime session of fun and interactive anti-bullying games, hosted by Clement and Anithya. The students had a great time playing wink murder and poetry writing, along with drama scenes that focussed on kindness and standing up for one another.

Miss Dineen said: 'There was fantastic participation. It was great to see how much everyone cared about this issue and lovely to see the Sixth Formers taking initiative.'

To finish on a happy and Civitas note, here is a tale of two new companions...

'A Year 7 student was very upset this week, and in response, a Year 9 comforted her and then they did crafts together all lunch time. It was really sweet, and when asked why she was hanging out with a Year 7, the Year 9 proudly said “Because we’re friends!”

This Year 9 student is always comforting others and standing up to bullying and rudeness; we are lucky to have her in our school community.

Thanks to all students who participated in these activities and who strive to ensure that every last one of their peers is able to enjoy their time at Ark Academy.