Miss Cullen's Grenada experience was educational & inspiring...

Miss Cullen's report of her time in Grenada is well worth a read - it certainly sounds like they packed a lot in!

'Monday was spent visiting two schools, one mainstream and one inclusion specialist school. Mr Edmondson ran a PE lesson for one school with some basketball and golf, and we passed on your pen pal letters so will hopefully hear back from them soon!

We also played football with the students from Lime Special School, and Miss Cullen sat in on a meeting with the local Headteachers about improving the curriculum for students with Special Education Needs in Grenada.

 Above: Mr Edmondson teaches basketball to the eager students!

On Tuesday we had to get up early to pay a visit to the Grenadian Minister for Education. He welcomed us and thanked us and Ark Academy for sharing our ideas about PE and Inclusion teaching.

Below: Miss Cullen and Mr Edmondson meet the Education Ministers of Grenada, to effect positive change

On this same day we had a scary bus journey over the mountains to visit another Special School. Mr Edmondson taught some golf while Miss Cullen met with the Head Teachers again.

  Above: Football in full swing!