New Year, New Logo??!

 Happy New Year one and all!

 Our literary loving students got creative to produce a mural for the library expressing their hopes for the year ahead and the school events they would like to contribute to in the coming months.

Leanne said: 'We wanted to celebrate the new year and give it something classical like a piece of art, and we all thought it would be fun to pitch in. I’m drawing World Book Day because its one of my favourite days of the year and it's also my birthday!'

Jordan added a political spin with his prediction of the US election later this year: I’m just going to draw something which is really classy. It’s called –

‘Tonight in 2016...Donald will be Trumped!’

Yasmin preferred to focus on school matters and said the point of the mural was to 'get an overall positive feeling for the year and make the year seem positive. I’m mainly colouring in the 2016 part and I might be drawing a few books or things that I like to read and see as well.'

If we ever need a new school logo, Miss Smyth's 'Joys of Spring' design will definitely be a front runner.

Miss Dineen explained: I’m drawing an image of world peace with everyone all getting along all around the world which I think Ark Academy can realistically achieve in 2016!

So now we know that our mission is to try and spread Civitas to all 4 corners of the globe! Stay tuned to see if we achieve our goal this year....