Mock Results yield pleasing reaction from Year 11 students

 It was heartening to see such a positive reaction to the mock exam results by our Year 11s - despite some of them not achieving their desired grades.

Kaftun explained: 'I have mixed feelings because some were good and others were not what I was expecting but these were the first mock results so I think they will progressively get better.'

I need to improve on: PE, Biology and English – going through the papers, highlighting the key topics and working on my understanding of those.

Despite not achieving the top grades, many students were optimistic about their next steps....

Zacharia said: 'I didn’t do that well, I got Cs and Ds, but at least now I have something to build on and get a better grade in the next mocks. Revision is important to me and I have to revise more to get better grades. My weakest subjects are Maths and English they were pretty difficult for me whereas Media and French are easier. I just talked to Miss Downey and she said ‘You know what to do now, so just do it. Just prepare yourself well.'

Sabira was upbeat about her results: 'I am so happy with my English Literature grade. I feel very positive because if I got a B now, I feel like in my next exams I will get an A. My grades have improved from my last set of predictions and I feel really positive and like it’s going to go really well.'

Carefully planning a strategy is now a top priority for Zainub: 'I’m going to change my revision tactics because I usually just read through my work but from now on I'm going to start doing practice questions and practice essays and get my teachers to mark them for me. I also need to look and take on my EBIs and make it even better.'

Miss Ozeke felt the attitude towards maths was one of perseverance: 'It was very similar to the overall picture in that those who put the work it were rewarded with the grades they deserve.

Those that haven’t, what we liked about their response is rather than say 'I give up' or 'I’m not going to do it!' they are all saying 'This is what I need to do now' and seem quite happy that we’re doing maths enrichment next term and how much that’s going to help them as well.'

We wish Year 11 lots of luck with the next phase of their learning!