At Ark Academy, we understand the significance of reading - especially reading for pleasure – which is why we strive to put reading at the heart of everything that we do!

As a way of encouraging your child to read for pleasure and foster a love for reading books, we have launched a new reading challenge for your child to get involved in:


The 25 Book Challenge was launched at the start of this academic year, and we wanted to share with you what it is all about so that you can be supporting your child with this challenge at home!

Every year group has a brand-new selection of 25 books which were handpicked by teachers as the top 25 picks to read before moving onto their next year in school.

These books are all available in school for your child to take home and read. In addition, these books can also all be found in your local library!

To help your child keep track of their progress, a list of the 25 Book Challenge books has been stuck at the back of their yellow reading record to tick off as they go. We also have a special 25 Book Challenge display in every classroom, which pupils are using to keep track of their progress in school.

Children who complete the 25 Book Challenge will be awarded a special (and exclusive) reading champion badge.

Please see the relevant PDF document to find out about the books that have been chosen for your child’s 25 book challenge! You can also find PDF documents of age-appropriate PE and ICT related books.

Happy Reading!