Primary Sports Day 2021

On Friday the 16th July children were able to take part in their first sports day festival in nearly 2 years. The celebration of sport couldn’t have gone any better. Parents and children alike showed a mix of happiness, gratefulness and relief to see some normality back in their lives. During the festival children showed strong competitive spirit and endeavour to make sure their house came out on top. Durham being the winners of the previous 2 instalments looked ready for their 3rd win but Nottingham, Imperial and Goldsmiths came ready to stop the treble. In the end Goldsmiths came out on top by some margin beating Durham to second place, who edged 3rd placed Nottingham by just 3 points. Those that payed attention to the weekly house scoring in PE could see there’s is a wealth of Sporting talent in Goldsmith house as they often topped the scoring charts. Goldsmiths seems will be the house to beat in 2022.