Supporting your child in home reading

School expectations

  • Children should have and know their current reading book
  • Children should read outside of lessons for 20 minutes every day

Tips for reading at home

- Set aside a quiet place to read
- If reading together, sit where you can both see the story
-It is great to make links to real life when you are reading
-It is okay to share your favourite books over and over again
-For older children, choose a longer chapter book that you can come back to each day
-Join the library

Tips for reading with your child
- Ask prediction questions, “What do you think is going to happen next?” “What makes you think that?”
-Ask the child to summarise / explain who the characters are, “Do you think that ___ is a kind character? Why?”
-Discuss the pictures
-Ask your child to share information they find interesting in non-fiction, “What have you found out?”


How to access eBooks

Online library:

Brent library has an online library – anyone can join online.

Download the Libby app or visit the website

Further websites with book access either PDF form or videos:


Adult reading in recorded videos / live sessions

  • CBeebies Bedtime Stories
  • Storyline Online
  • BBC Bitesize on iPlayer
  • BBC Teach Audio Stories
  • RWI YouTube channel – Poetry Time
  • RWI Schools Portal – Storytime with Nick
  • Audible Stories
  • Mrs P’s Magic Library
  • BookTrust YouTube playlist
  • ONA Virtual School Library