At Ark Academy we follow the “Read Write Inc” scheme of phonics teaching. Each child from Reception, year 1 and 2 has a daily, 45 minute phonics lesson. The children are put into small groups based on half-termly assessments so that we can accurately match their needs to the correct provision. Phonics sessions are delivered by teaching assistants as well as teachers and is overseen by a member of the senior leadership team as well as through termly external reviews to ensure quality.

Sessions are lively, fast-paced and fun, with an emphasis on learning by heart “speed sounds” and exception words. Children learn new sounds and consolidate those through their reading of texts that specifclly re-enforce the sounds learned. There is an emphasis on paired work and lots of opportunities to speak and listen, as well as read and write the sounds.

We aim for children to have completed the entire phonics programme during year 2 so that they can focus more on higher-level comprehension of increasingly challenging texts. Any children that do not complete the phonics programme will continue learning phonics throughout year 3 or 4 on our “Fresh Start” programme, once again taught daily.