All children in Ark Academy are allocated a “house” to belong to. Children can earn housepoints for their house and take part in competitions throughout the year.

The houses are named after universities:

  • Durham
  • Imperial
  • Goldsmiths
  • Nottingham

All children and staff, except for the head and deputy, are allocated a house. Children are encouraged to foster a sense of “healthy competition” for their behaviour, academic and non-academic achievement. All houses will take part in a termly house assembly, led the by the head of house near the start of each term. In these assemblies, goals are set, achievements celebrated and a core purpose and togetherness established, based around the schools core values.

House points are awarded for rewarding our core values, good behaviour or progress. These are tallied each week and celebrated in Thursday’s assembly. The house points should be tallied and checked by selected Year 6 pupils before taking to the office, who will collate the winners and record the weekly winner. The house that wins the most weeks each term gets a reward session in the last week of term.

These can include:

  • A local trip to a park
  • A movie with popcorn in school
  • An additional long playtime with sports equipment

Each house has a house captain, one for each phase (KS1, Lower KS2, Upper KS2). These are chosen by nomination with the decision made by the house leader of that phase.

During the year, children will take part in house competitions, as detailed below:

  • Autumn Term - Spelling Bee and Mental maths / times tables
  • Spring Term - Ark’s Got Talent
  • Summer Term - Sports Day