The core principles that we maintain for reopening the school are:

  • To ensure the safety and well-being of staff and children
  • To ensure that children are returning to fully effective full-time education and can catch up on lost time
  • To provide effective pastoral support to pupils while they return to school


Summary of the main aspects of the risk assessment:

Most aspects of our practice will be identical to when the school opened in September, for example

Year group bubbles for lessons and playtimes

Staggered starts and ends

Enhanced cleaning

One-way system outside

Closure of bubbles in the event of a case (10 days)


The main changes to our procedures in school will be:

Staff will wear masks in communal areas

Further reductions to room limits for staff

We will encourage – but not insist – that parents drop children in years 3-6 off at the gate so that you do not need to enter the school site at all.

Ventilation and outdoor learning where possible

After-school playscheme will start on Monday 15th March. Breakfast club will commence soon after and the wider range of after-school clubs will commence after the Easter holiday.


The Start and End of the School Day

This will once again be “staggered” to reduce congestion. Siblings in different year groups can enter at the same time and wait at the school building entrances. Please aim to arrive a few minutes before your start time to avoid crowding at the school gate. We advise parents to wear a mask where social distancing cannot be maintained.

Start and end times for each year group:


Further details on risk assessment procedures:

Groupings of children

  • Children will be in “year group pods”. This means that they will not mix with other year groups for learning or for playtime. Reception and Nursery will operate as one pod.
  • Children will play in separate spaces at playtime.
  • SEN and specialist teaching will continue and may involve working with individual children from different year groups
  • The school day will start and end at different times for different year groups, to ease congestion.
  • At lunch, children will eat at separate times with longer gaps between pupils to reduce numbers in the dining hall; lunch tables will be cleaned before each new year group is seated.


In the Classroom

  • Children will be sat facing forwards from year 2 upwards. Children will sit on the carpet at times in Reception to year 4.
  • Teachers will circulate the class and support children ‘over-the-shoulder’ and only for brief periods. They will not be in limited “zones” at the front of the class.
  • Doors and windows to be kept open as much as possible
  • All mechanical ventilation to be activated around the building at all times
  • There will be no assemblies in the hall, they will be pre-recorded and shown over video.
  • Children can work in small groups, ie for catch-up interventions
  • Children will not change into their PE kit; they should wear sports clothing to school on the day they have PE.
  • Children will not share resources with other year groups and will have their own pens, pencils, rulers etc to use.
  • Classroom resources that are shared with others will be cleaned after each use, eg sports equipment, laptops etc.


Hygiene and First Aid

  • Toilets have been allocated to specific year groups and have limits on how many children can use them at a time
  • An additional team of cleaners is on duty throughout every day to circulate the school cleaning high-touch points and toilets.
  • Classroom staff will be cleaning high-touch points in the classroom throughout the day
  • Children will be thoroughly taught about hand-washing, sanitiser and all other aspects of hygiene, such as coughing, sneezing
  • First aid will be provided by first-aid trained teaching assistants where possible. We will also continue to provide first-aid from the medical team in the office by staff wearing a visor.
  • Additional hand sanitisers have been installed throughout the school
  • Mobile phones can no longer be kept in the school office and must be kept by children, in their bags, switched off. Additional guidance will be given to any pupil who needs to bring a mobile phone, strictly limited to year 6 pupils.
  • Children should bring a water bottle, clearly labelled, which is taken home and washed each day. Water fountains will only be used to fill water bottles.
  • If your child has any condition which may make them clinically vulnerable, contact us immediately


Face Coverings and Testing

Staff will wear a mask in communal areas and if entering a different year group pod where social distancing cannot be maintained

Children will not be asked to wear a face covering

Visors are to be discouraged as they are seen as having a minimal impact on transmission

Primary children will not be tested

Primary staff will test at home twice weekly


Managing a Positive Case

Please make sure that you do not send your child to school if they are displaying any symptoms of Coronavirus

If a child shows symptoms of coronavirus in school, we will contact you to take them home and pursue a coronavirus test

If anyone in your household receives a positive test result, please inform the school immediately

A positive case will result in a 10-day closure of the year group from the last point of contact or when symptoms began. Full home learning will be provided in this situation.

A specific room has been allocated for children to wait for collection if a case is detected in school. Staff will support them, wearing protective clothing such as a mask, visor and gloves.


Catching Up On Learning

  • We want a “don’t worry” and “you can do it!” attitude to children catching up on learning – stressed and worried children feeling under pressure do not do well.
  • Assessments will take place in the week of 15th March:
  • Years 1 – 6 will sit a reading and maths assessment paper
  • Writing to be assessed by teacher judgement
  • Arithmetic also assessed
  • Phonics assessments will take place in the previous week
  • Reading Age tests will also be administered
  • The school will have a programme in place to support children pastorally, focusing on mental and physical health, being away from electronic devices as well as healthy sleep and diet
  • We will set up catch-up groups across the school to target gaps, from the first week
  • Assessment information will be shared with parents with a paper report and at a parents evening on Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th March
  • Easter and summer classes are yet to be confirmed
  • Attendance is compulsory and critical for catch up. There is some remote support available (please refer to the “remote learning” section of our website) but this will be limited and restricted to children with a clinical vulnerability that prevents them from returning to school.