In our school, we follow Mathematics Mastery- a mastery approach developed by Ark Schools. The focus is always on a progression from concrete resources to pictorial representation and into the numerical abstract, which supports the development of deep conceptual understanding. In each lesson, our pupils work on practising core skills, applying them to real-life contexts and developing the essential skills of reasoning. Teaching for mastery does not mean we do not differentiate, but we do aim high for all.

Our lesson structure allows for ‘deliberate practice’ of the small steps of learning so that pupils may advance to more complex learning by the end of the lesson. Learning is ‘chunked’ into a ‘Do Now’, new learning, a talk task, developed learning, independent practice and a plenary. Children revisit and revise concepts once a week in our weekly maths meetings as well as practise mathematical fluency and arithmetic each week. Times tables are taught in years 2-4 with the expectation that all pupils know their times tables by the end of year 4.

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