At Ark Academy, we understand the value of reading. reading is taught as a specific curriculum subject every day in all year groups.

We teach reading to the whole classtusing the Ark bespoke 5-day model. Reading is taught daily to the whole class with an emphasis on vocabulary, retrieval of facts, inference and answering a “big question” about a text. Short extracts linked to the year-group curriculum are mixed with novel studies on a half-termly basis. We choose novels that are challenging and engaging for our daily reading lessons.  Children also read at home using their home reading records and read widely in all curriculum subjects.

The Five Day Model

Day One: Book introduction and vocabulary

Day Two: Sequencing and summarisation

Day Three: Close Reading with literal and inferential questions

Day Four: Close Reading and response to the BIG Idea

Day Five: Skill and Drill

To view or download our reading curriculum map, Click here