Pupil Leadership

School council

During term 2 school council elections took place, where the children were given the opportunity to make speeches about what they wanted to achieve as a school councillor, and why they would fulfil this role successfully. Two children from each class were elected, please see the table below:

Reception Newton Faybian and Lareb
Reception Hawking Insia and Armando
Year 1 Flannery Mitchell and Kaymen
Year 1 Pythagoras Heloisa and Benjamin
Year 2 Escher Anaya and Judah
Year 2 Da Vinci Faraday and child M
Year 3 Archimedes Sunshine and Julius-Joel
Year 3 Fibonacci Shathuryan and Daiana
Year 4 Pascal Hamza and Niamh
Year 4 Euler Cyrus and Roshana
Year 5 Devi Aaron and Asiah
Year 5 Farley Paul and Samantha

 The staff which assist the school council meeting are Miss Gaynor, Miss Bhachu, Miss Donovan, Mr Almond and Miss Maton. Meetings take place twice a term.

Here are the meeting minutes


Year 5 had the privilege of applying to the head teacher for the role of school librarians. The selected pupils awarded with a badge are: Hadeal and Roshan met with the secondary librarian, Ms Lipner who gave the pupils a tour of the secondary library. The role of the librarians is to tidy the primary library and recommend books for other pupils. Each week secondary librarians teach and assist the primary librarians on how to allow others to take books out. Hadeal said “It is our job to make the library the best place to be". Here are the two primary librarians:

School pets

In Ark Academy Primary we have two pet rabbits and three pet guinea pigs. The two rabbits are called Harry who is brown and Muffy who is black and white. Both rabbits have been with us for about a year and a half. Two of our guinea pigs arrived a year ago and the last of the addition joined us just a month ago. The pets live outside in their own large hutch for most of the year, however when the winter months set in, the pets join us inside for some warmth. The caretaker and his team help to look after the pets, with a little helping hand from the pupils.

Here is a photograph of some children enjoying some time with the animals: