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Ark Academy and the pupils it serves belong to the most diverse borough in Europe – the borough of Brent. The community encompasses wide ranging religious traditions and belief systems. We aim - with our pupils - to celebrate this diversity so pupils play a positive part in this cultural synthesis. Alongside this, our religious education curriculum intends to support the development of our pupils to be responsible citizens of the future.

We have adopted the ‘Brent Agreed Syllabus’ as the curriculum echoes the fact that the religious traditions of Great Britain are, in the main, Christian, whilst reflecting the key religions represented in our local community (which, according to the 2011 Census, has a large representation of Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism). The syllabus also includes the teaching of the other principal religions and worldviews (including non-religious worldviews) represented in Great Britain.

Enquiry is at the heart of our curriculum. Through investigating the beliefs, traditions, ways of life and values of others, pupils gain a deeper understanding of religions and worldviews. By comparing this learning with their own experiences, they can then consider and reflect meaningfully to create a more informed view of the world and their place in it. The sharing of understanding through experiences and dialogue with others not only supports the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils, it also promotes the British values of interfaith harmony and cooperation and the combatting of prejudice and discrimination.

Each unit of our progressive curriculum has links with previous and future knowledge as the mind best learns information when it is woven into conceptual fabric. Learning is sequenced to support pupils by adding to an ever-increasing picture over time. We are constantly building on and developing pupils’ knowledge and understanding of key subjects, and specialist vocabulary around concepts.

Through the teaching of RE, we intend to inspire pupils with curiosity and imagination, and develop their skills of communication, interpretation, application, analysis, and evaluation when exploring and testing their own beliefs or responses to ultimate questions and those of fellow pupils in a ‘safe space’. We intend for RE to contribute more than ‘cultural capital’ to our curriculum, ensuring it effectively enables higher-level achievement through the development of conceptual thinking and reasoned critical analysis, whilst supporting pupils in developing attributes to live harmoniously in society.