Home school agreement

Pupils, parents, teachers and support staff all sign a ‘Commitment to Achievement’ agreement. This is a joint promise that all of us will put in the time and effort required for our children to succeed. Parents are expected to support children by supervising home learning, ensuring that children attend school and wear the correct uniform.

Home School Agreement

Attendance and Punctuality

All pupils are expected to be ready, in class, for registration at 8.30am. Parents should be ready to pick them up from class at 3.40pm sharp.

All parents have been issued a letter giving notice of attendance policies. We think it is very important that all our pupils benefit from 190 days of learning to ensure they make progress and achieve the results they should. If a school can improve its attendance by 1%, this can result in a 5-6% improvement in attainment. We are asking you to support the school by ensuring your child achieves excellent attendance.

Here are some of the ways in which you can help our school achieve excellent attendance:

  • Avoid taking your child on term time leave. The school is closed for 14 weeks a year when you can take holidays and travel abroad. Where there are exceptional circumstances for a pupil to be absent during term time, you can make a request to the Attendance Officer at email primaryadmin@arkacademy.org or phone 020 8385 4390. However, the officer's decision is final. You do not have a right to take term time leave.
  • We expect pupils to arrive at school on time. Late arrivals disrupt the education of others. Pupils arriving after the register has closed will be marked in the register as having an unauthorised absence. The school attendance policy states the time that the attendance register closes in the morning: 20 minutes after registration.
  • We do not expect pupils to come to school when they are sick, but those with regular sickness absence will be expected to provide us with medical evidence before we authorise further absences.
  • Avoid medical and dental appointments during school time.
  • If you or your children are having difficulties that impact on their attendance, please make an appointment with a member of staff to discuss additional support.

We have an expectation that once we have notified you about our concerns, you will ensure that your child’s attendance or punctuality improves significantly. If a pupil continues to have poor attendance or punctuality, we will discuss this with our allocated Education Welfare Officer, and if necessary make a referral to Brent Education Welfare Service.

The Education Welfare Service may issue you with a Formal Warning, an Education Penalty Notice (EPN) or decide to prosecute. If you are issued with an EPN for unauthorised term time leave, you risk receiving a fine from the London Borough of Brent of between £60 - £120. Fines are issued to each parent for each child taken out of school. Failure to pay the notice may result in you being prosecuted at Willesden Magistrates Court for your child’s non-attendance at school for the period in the notice. Formal Warnings or Education Penalty Notices are also issued in cases of persistent unauthorised absence.

Please click here to see our Attendance Policy.

Behaviour Policies

We believe school should offer children a calm orderly environment where learning is effective and children enjoy it. We will encourage and reward good behaviour and maintain clear rules that discourage disruption.

Please download a copy of our Behaviour and Ethos Policy

Safeguarding Policies

The staff and governors at Ark Academy are committed to safeguarding the welfare of our pupils and to providing a safe environment with robust systems to ensure the safety and healthy development of all our pupils, within the academy and on related school trips and other activities.

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Mobile phones

The use of mobile phones is not permitted during school time.  Children who travel to and from school independently may bring a mobile phone with them which must be handed in to the school office on arrival and collected at the end of the day.  Parents must complete a form and meet with the head teacher to confirm their consent for children to walk home alone. Mobile phones should be a model that is less expensive, not a high-cost smartphone. While we can store the phones in a locked cupboard, we are not responsible for costs associated with damage or theft. Any mobile phones not handed in will be confiscated and returned to parents.


Please see the Uniforms page for information about our uniform policies.

PE and Healthy Living

We are committed to developing healthy children with positive attitudes to exercise and diet. Our PE programme provides both exercise and health education. All pupils have an extended PE lesson twice a week for which they will need to wear suitable PE clothing. One lesson is taught by a PE specialist teacher, the other by their class teacher.

We receive supplementary funding to enhance our PE provision. The policy for this can be found here

We encourage children to eat healthily and participate in the Healthy Schools initiative offering each child in Key Stage 1 a free fruit or vegetable each day. Our onsite kitchen offers children a healthy lunch, cooked freshly at school every day. A vegetarian choice is always provided and, if notified, we can usually cater to special dietary needs.  Packed lunches should be healthy and should not include sweets, chocolate, cakes or fizzy drinks.


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