We are very proud of the enrichment opportunities we make available to our students. Our day ends with a wide range of extra sessions that run from 3.35-4.30pm Monday to Thursday and 3.10-4.00pm on Friday.

While some pupils will be choosen specifically by their teacher to have extended support, this may take the form of study support or extension lessons, those not targeted have the chance to choose an enrichment of their liking. The offer ranges from the obvious homework club and interest clubs (e.g. cookery, art, drama and film club) to a host of sporting and physical activities beyond the obvious team sports such as boxing, football fun and badminton. These sporting enrichments take place in addition to the double PE lesson every student has during the normal school day once a week.
It is through enrichment the school has become heavily involved in the North London Citizens Campaign which has seen our pupils take part in a host of activities and campaigns from the London Living Wage to the Passports not Profits campaign for young people.
We encourage as many students as possible to pursue their musical talents at Ark Academy. We have a fantastic choir, as well as keyboard club and drumming club. We also partner with the Brent music service to offer individual instrumental lessons to a large number of our students.
All in all, enrichment is a key piece of what we do at Ark Academy and our pupils love the opportunities that our extended day provides. We are in no doubt that enrichment adds significantly to our students' academic progress and their involvement in school life and in the wider community.

KS3 and KS4 Ark Academy Clubs Autumn Term 2019

Monday Tuesday Wednesady Thursday Friday
Hegarty Maths Catch Up [G07, G08 &G09] KS3 Robotics Club [G05] KS3 Boys Basketball [Sports Hall] Choir [MU1] All Years Football Fun [3G]
Jumior maths Challenge [219] Geography Explorer Club [202] Music Tech Club [MU1] [All Years] RE Homework and Revision Drop-in [209] All Years Mixed Badminton Fun [Sports Hall]
MFL: Italian Club [210] KS3 Latin [205] Biology Drop-in Clinic [G04] Cyber Discory [G07] Year 9 - 11 Spanish Conversation Club [212]
Keyboard Masters [MU1] Orchestra [MU2] PP BUsiness: Coursework Writing Clinic [G09] KS3 Science Experiment Club [G02] Homework Club [Library]
Ark Football Academy [3G] Senior Boys Basketball [Sports Hall] Homework Club [Library] KS3 Science Homeowrk Club [G01]  
Girls Netball [MUGA] Boys Boxing Club [Dance Studio/Sports Hall] Pupil Support Homework Club [119] Girls Boxing Club [Dance Studio]  
KS4 Art drop-in [307] All Years Girls Football [3G]   Year 9 11 Ebgine Machines [G05]  
KS4 DT drop-in [G05] KS4 Art drop-in [307]   KS4 Geography Homework Drop-in [201]  
KS4 Food & Nutrition drop-in [G10] KS4 Enterprise [Business] set-up [G08]   Year 11 Performing Arts Coursework Support [G09]  
Intermediate Maths Challenge [221] KS4 History Homework drop-in [203]   Advanced French Chatting Club [211]  
Homework Club [Library] Spanish Mastery [213]   KS4 Science Drop-in [103]  
Pupil Support Homework Club [119] Homework Club [Library]   KS4 & KS5 Physics Club [604]  
  Pupil Support Homework Club [119]   Homework Club [Library]   
      Pupil Support Homework Club [119]