As you are all very well aware the GCSE examinations will start this Monday 16th May.

These exams are what your child has been working towards for the past 5 years and it is vital that both you and they know what is expected of them over the exam period.

Please click here for the general GCSE timetable of the exams.

Your child has been given a hard copy of this in school and this should be stuck on the fridge at home or displayed in a place of prominence, with their specific exams highlighted so that there is no confusion about what exams are taking place and when.

The Booster timetable for the coming 2 weeks up to half term can be found here:

GCSE Booster Timetable - week beginning 15th May

GCSE Booster Timetable - week beginning 23rd May

This outlines the extra "booster" lessons the school is providing for your child before they go into their exam and where normal lessons take place. Morning AM booster sessions will start at 7:45am so it is vital your child is here on time for this to be meaningful and productive.

A hard copy of this timetable has been provided to all year 11 pupils and we have gone through in detail what is expected of them. Your child is expected in school each day and actively taking part in lessons when not in exams. They must be in full school uniform and be fully equipped for the exams they have and for their normal lessons. Revision resources and all lesson material must be locked away in their own locker when they are in exams.

Please support your child and the school by ensuring the following happen as matter of course each day of the exam season.

  • Set an alarm to ensure a prompt arrival to school at 7.45am for early morning am booster sessions. (8am if they do not have a booster session that morning).
  • Make sure they are getting to bed at a reasonable time to ensure a good night’s sleep before the exams.
  • Breakfast is a must – it is far too difficult to concentrate in an exam on an empty stomach. The school will provide some early morning healthy snacks in the AM booster sessions but we advise a healthy breakfast at home also.
  • Full school uniform – no exceptions.

Remind your child to:

  • Sign in with Mrs Boyle at pupil reception on arrival to school
  • lock away all possession in their locker after their booster session and before the exam
  • double check they have nothing on them at line-up that could negate their exam.
  • Encourage your child to report any attempt of communication to the invigilators should this take place in the exam hall.