House membership supports our commitment to knowing every pupil individually. There are four Houses at Ark Academy:

  • Curie
  • Newton
  • Plato
  • Socrates

They meet regularly with their Heads of House, who get to know them in a different way, as they foster team spirit, responsibility, care for others (CIVITAS in action), charitable giving and, of course, a strong sense of healthy competition.

Each half term the pupils enjoy different House Competitions which really bring out their many talents. These events cover every type of interest, from art, drama, music and sport, to our half termly maths competition which supports and reinforces our maths specialism. All House competitions are hotly contested! The enthusiasm of our pupils for their chosen house charities is also fantastic. Our house system reinforces two of our core principles:

  • Participation

Every house achievement also builds up points for the House. In addition individual pupils gain points for their house through their commendations, or 100% attendance awards, or as 'reader of the term' (or any other accolade). This helps create the lively and dynamic atmosphere that we have in Ark Academy.

As the academy grows so too will the House System. Each pupil will stay in their House until they leave to go to university or fulfil other ambitions. This enables mentoring within the House, and a strong sense of nurturing younger pupils to work for the good of the House.

There will, of course, be very important roles of responsibility for pupils as house members, notably House Captain and Sports Captain. We look forward to students developing these roles and who knows, one day, they might be Head girl or boy - the height of student success in Ark Academy.

The pupils clearly love the house system and are very proud of their house and we know will remember their houses long after they leave school. To see them describing it for themselves watch the top video on the News / Videos tab.