If a child is going to do well at school it is vital that they have a good attendance record. Therefore, students should only be absent if they are too ill to come to school or in exceptional circumstances. If absence is unavoidable then a family ADULT should telephone the Academy on the first day of absence.

If the illness is prolonged, follow-up phone calls should be made by an adult family member before 08:30 on each day of absence. When the student returns they must bring a written note of explanation addressed to their form tutor.
Holidays in term-time will never be authorised.

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Please see the following letter for more guidance on attendance requirements:

Attendance and Punctuality Advice

Behaviour and Ethos Policy

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Home School Agreement

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Homework is critical to learning. It reinforces pupils' independance and self-discipline. Pupils will have a least one hour of homework each night and the support of teachers to help them with homework which they find difficult.

Pathways And Enrichment

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Ark Careers Policy Statement

Physical Activity

Ark Academy students will be offered an exciting range of sporting opportunities in their enrichment programme in addition to their timetabled PE lessons. They will learn about the benefits of physical activity and be offered the chance to participate in team, competitive and individual activities. It is expected that at least one of the four enrichment evenings per week is dedicated to a sporting activity by each student.

Safeguarding Children at Ark Academy

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Student Code of Conduct

In the community of Ark Academy :

  • We listen to all staff and follow their instructions politely and calmly
  • We are polite and respectful to everyone, treating people as we would wish to be treated
  • We go straight to every lesson
  • We walk in a single file in corridors and stairs, keeping to the left, without running or shouting
  • We never insult, undermine or swear at, any member of staff, visitor or student
  • We keep our hands and feet to ourselves
  • We do not touch, or interfere with other people’s property

Uniform Policy and Equipment

It is expected that all pupils will travel to and from the academy every day in neat, clean uniform, giving the clear message to the public that our pupils take pride in belonging to the academy.

Anyone who fails to do so will be sent home to change their uniform or kept out of lessons for the day.

In addition, there are a number of items of eqipment that a student needs in order to be able to take a full and active part in learning at the academy.

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