Senior Staff

Mrs Smith Principal
Ms Keane Vice Principal
Mr Sawbridge Vice Principal
Mr O'Carroll Vice Principal/Careers Lead
Ms Giannarou Vice Principal, Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs Needham Assistant Principal, Designated Safeguarding Lead
Miss Iliffe Assistant Principal - Director of Sixth Form
Mr Edmondson Assistant Principal/SENCO
Mrs Hanna Assistant Principal
Mr Foster Assistant Principal

Teaching Staff

Mr Paton Head of Faculty Art and Design
Ms Wilkinson Art Teacher
Ms Begum Art Teacher  
Mr Abdelbaqi Behaviour Support Lead
Mr Mendy Head of Business Studies
Mr O'Leary Business Studies Teacher
Ms Petals Business Studies Teacher
Ms Coplee Lead Teacher DT
Mr Asare DT Teacher, Head of Year 9
Miss Gatford Head of Drama
Mr Wyartt Economics Teacher
Miss Clark Head of English
Ms Johnstone 2 i/c English
Ms Oyenivan English Teacher
Mr Bennett English Teacher & HOY 12
Ms Kenny English Teacher
Mr Mannerings English Teacher
Ms Cummings English Teacher
Ms Chiruk English Teacher
Mr Lam English Teacher
Mr Cox English Teacher
Ms Lewis English Teacher
Ms Forbes English Teacher
Mr Streeting English Teacher
Miss Tamburello Head of Geography
Miss Shah Geography Teacher
Ms Cooney Geography Teacher
Ms Jervis Geography Teacher
Ms Tayler Geography Teacher
Mr Nugent Lead Teacher Goverment & Politics
Ms Kinnon Head of History
Miss Pitkin History Teacher
Mr Hill History Teacher
Ms Moloney History Teacher
Mrs Butler Head of Maths
Ms Bowley Maths Teacher and Lead Staff Mentor
Ms Burney Maths Teacher
Ms Milea Maths Teacher and HOY 11
Mr Skehel Lead on Maths Specialism and Head of Curie House
Ms Alwan Maths Teacher and HOY 7
Ms Ahmad Maths Teacher
Ms Elanchelian Maths Teacher 
Ms Rees Maths Teacher
Mr Frith Maths Teaacher
Mr Topping Maths Teacher
Mr Fiaz Maths Teacher
Ms Reardon Head of MFL
Mr Neill 2 i/c MFL
Ms Figueroa MFL Teacher 
Ms Kelly MFL Teacher & Head of Year 8
Ms Stewart MFL Teacher
Mr Golson MFL Teacher 
Ms Shah MFL Teacher
Ms Sharp Head of Music
Miss Mauger Music Teacher
Miss Gallagher Head of PE
Miss Kelman Girls PE Teacher & Head of Year 10
Miss Searle Girls PE Teacher
Miss Koroma Girls PE Teacher
Mr Maddison Head of Psychology/Sociology
Mrs Rogers Psychology/Sociology Teacher, Senior Tutor Pastoral and Head of Year 12
Ms Joseph-Bristol Psychology/Sociology Teacher
Ms Maundrell Head of RE
Miss Daya RE Teacher
Ms Tucker RE Teaacher
Ms Shiekha RE Teacher
Mrs McGrath Head of Science
Ms Salad 2i/c Science, Lead KS4
Mr Dineen Lead Teacher of Physics
Miss Sach Science Teacher & Head of Year 13
Mr Moore Lead Science Professional Pathways
Ms Bare Science Teacher
Miss Belal Science Teacher
Ms Patel Science Teacher
Mr Pierce Science Teacher
Mr Shah Science Teacher
Mr Salaria Science Teacher
Ms Cooper Science Teacher
Mr Kailayapillai Science Teacher
Ms Rahman Science Teacher
Mr Van Den Berg Physics Teacher 
Ms Patel Science Teacher
Mrs Anderson 2i/c Pupil Support