Sixth Form Curriculum

Key Stage 5: Year 12 & 13

Our Sixth Form opened in September 2015 and we now have a fully-fledged and thriving Year 12 and 13. Students in Ark Academy Sixth Form are exposed to a sophisticated academic programme encompassing between 3 and 5 AS subjects and 3 or 4 A2 subjects. In addition we offer a professional pathways qualification entitled ‘Level 3 National Extended Diploma in Business’. We also offer students an opportunity to complete an Extended Project Qualification and / or the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze or Silver qualification.

Each subject taken has 6 periods per week and professional pathways have 18 periods per week. The remaining periods are allocated to independent study. Having study periods and two exclusive, designated study rooms is a great privilege of being a sixth former at Ark. Our students welcome the opportunity to have two rooms for their exclusive use where they can study without interruption, using school lap tops, focussing on reading and homework which needs to be done well and on time.

Of course our primary focus at Key Stage 5 is university preparation. Ark Academy will support every student in choosing the right university pathway and career with confidence. We know that the right university degree and career will probably every student a happier, more prosperous, and more enlightened person. We run a comprehensive tutor support programme with daily tutor sessions and a weekly PSHE & Careers / University preparation lesson.

For more detail please read the curriculum overviews below:

Download the Year 12 curriculum overview here: Year 12 Curriculum Overview 2017-18.pdf