Year 7 basketballers claim victory in their Final - a game of two halves!

Our Year 7 basketball team won 22 – 13 against Kingsbury in a match that showcased the best of our young talent.

The boys were leading 4-0 at the end of the first quarter and 8-2 at half time. Chuk Uwechue, Bailey Flandrin and Javarne Headley were using their height to good effect and winning some excellent rebounds.

Daneshay Ellis, Kevin Khisna and Jonathan Tate were also excellent when bringing the ball up the court.

The second half exploded in to life with Avery Morris, Keyon Hislop and Mascuud Hassan all making vital contributions to Ark increasing the lead.

We maintained the lead, although in the third quarter Kingsbury scored six unanswered points to take the score to 14-13.

Thankfully for everyone’s heart rates we responded with an even quicker burst of four baskets with Daneshay and Javarne making some brilliant long-range shots.

The Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the final was Ace Joseph who was absolutely superb on defence and dribbled and passed really intelligently to create the space for his team mates to score.

Javarne said: 'I’m proud of my whole squad and myself as well – we should be proud that we’ve come so far and we’ve won the championship.

I found the game challenging at some points but we still made it through. When they came back and scored the six points I was kind of feeling depressed that we were letting them come back when we shouldn’t.

I thought 'We should be pushing ourselves to the limit and shooting those 3 pointers to be winning this because this is a very big deal to us.' We’ve been training so hard, we’ve played so many matches to get to this final and we’re just all glad we won.'

MVP Ace agreed it had been a tough match: 'It feels good to win, I’m tired as well! It was challenging and there were lots of people up the court and lots of guys getting on to the baskets and stuff. Number 13 and number 5 on the other team definitely gave us a hard time!'

Bailey said: 'The match was good, it was pretty hardcore but we did strive to achieve in the end. Because our pitch is bigger than the other pitches that we’ve used in the other schools, we have to run a bit more and pace ourselves so it’s a bit harder. But we still did well and tried our best.'

Javarne: 'I think the 2nd and 3rd quarters today were tough – we weren’t losing but they were catching up to us and that was hard because the next thing you know they might score another point and then be ahead of us, so we were pushing.

We were getting very tired, trying to get the rebounds from under our basket and use our strengths to push the ball up the court.'

Year 7 coach Mr Edmondson was extremely proud saying: 'I’m absolutely ecstatic for the boys, they were fantastic.

They’ve been a lovely bunch of children to work with throughout the whole process. They’ve done really well so I’m very happy.'

All of the boys dug deep and their hard work paid off with their first Championship win!

Congratulations to both teams on participating in a hard fought match.