Year 9 B Team Football Tournament

Year 9's great achievement.
Year 9 B Team Football

We are extremely proud to tell you that Year 9 finished second in the B Team tournament.

It was an outstanding result amongst a competitive field. Our team consisted of: Dalvin, Subhan, Danny, Morgan, Daniel, Fabjol, Adam, Zainoul, Shahdil, and Qusi.

We lost our first match 0-1 to Preston Manor, however, Subhan scored a magnificent curling effort from a Fabjol assist to give us a 1-0 victoray against Ark Elvin, and all of a sudden the engines were revving!

We went on a 4 game undefeated run: a smash-and-grab from 1-0 down to win 2-1 against Kingsbury with Qusi scoring a neat toe-poke from another Fab assist and Morgan ensuring victory off a brilliant pass from Subhan. Next, Qusi drilled home a much tidier finish to give us a 1-0 victory over Claremont and in the final game Morgan again linked with Subhan to notch a 1-0 victory over Wembley High!

So proud of the boys. They were so Civitas in everything they did – including, at point, awarding Kingsbury a freekick for handball (which their teacher, who was ref, tried to overrule) and setting up a wall and insisting they take the freekick.

Final table:

Preston Manor (13 pts)

Ark Academy (12 pts)

Kingsbury (6 pts)

Wembley High (5 pts)

Claremont (3 pts)

Elvin (1 pt)


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